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Processing Dates

Current Date of Processing Submissions 18th Feb 2020  

  • Electronically filed Annual Returns - 12th Feb 2020
  • Business Names registrations - 18th Feb 2020


Checking the status of your submission

It would be appreciated if customers do not contact CRO enquiring about documents delivered to the CRO after the processing dates given above.

Presenters can look up details of a company in the Company Search facilityLinks to external website under "Services" - if the company's NARD has moved on to the following year, it means their current annual return has been received and you can view the list of submissions and their status for free.

Also, company officers can register on CORE -, where a "watch" can be set up on a relevant company to check the status of submissions posted or filed on-line. An event will appear in "My Events" each time a document is received and the status of any document (manual or electronic) changes against a watched company.