What's New 2018



Annual Returns

When filing the annual return, please remember that the signature page cannot be submitted prior to the upload of the financial statements. The signature page is in reference to the financial statements so the statements must be uploaded before the completion of the submission process.

If an annual return is non-compliant:

  • the return will not be physically sent back to the Presenter.
  • An email will issue to the Presenter informing them that their document is sent back and
  • they must resubmit their B1, re-upload their financial statements, print and sign a new signature page and deliver it to the CRO within 14 days.
  • Companies and Presenters should ensure that they provide the correct email addresses to ensure they are alerted when their documents are sent back as they will no longer receive a letter or documents by post.

Beneficial Ownership

The Department of Finance has advised that a Statutory Instrument is expected to be made in the coming months assigning separate legal responsibility to the Registrar of Companies for the establishment and maintenance of the central register of beneficial ownership of companies and industrial and provident societies (I&Ps).  The Department of Finance has indicated that it is currently on track to have the beneficial ownership elements of the 4th Directive transposed by Q1 2018.