What's New 2019



Brexit Planning

What happens if the UK leaves the European Union without a deal in place?

If the UK leaves the European Union without any deal in place, companies which have only UK resident directors will be required to comply with section 137 Companies Act 2014. This is the requirement to have an EEA-resident director. Please see webpage.


Public Consultation on Limited Partnerships 

The Department of Business, Enterprise and Innovation is reviewing the Limited Partnerships Act 1907. As part of the review process, the Department is seeking submissions from interested parties. The deadline for submissions is close of business on Friday, 1 March 2019.  

Prepare for Brexit

Government Departments, enterprise agencies and regulatory bodies have a range of supports covering advice, finance and upskilling to help your business navigate its way through Brexit. With just months to go to the UK withdrawal from the European Union, understanding the potential implications is a key first step in developing your Brexit contingency plan. Please see Department website. This website has a number of links to advice regarding the change and also links to financial supports available, information on Upskilling and information for the retail sector. 

Annual Returns

When filing the annual return, please remember that the signature page cannot be submitted prior to the upload of the financial statements. The signature page is in reference to the financial statements so the statements must be uploaded before the completion of the submission process.

If an annual return is non-compliant:

  • the return is not be physically sent back to the Presenter.
  • An email issues to the Presenter informing them that their document is sent back and
  • they must resubmit their B1, re-upload their financial statements, print and sign a new signature page and deliver it to the CRO within 14 days.
  • Companies and Presenters should ensure that they provide the correct email addresses to ensure they are alerted when their documents are sent back as they no longer receive a letter or documents by post.