In accordance with our FOI Publication Scheme, CRO publishes all contracts awarded (over €10k for ICT and over €25k for other contracts) on this page and will state:

  • Whether the award is for a single contract or an award from a framework
  • Name of winning contractor and legal address
  • Value of the contract (exclusive of VAT)
  • Type of contract (works, supplies, services)
  • Contract Award Date
  • Duration of contract in months
  • Brief description of contract 

Tenders are published on the e-tenders website. An automated and programmable system to sign certified documents as digitally signed PDF documents. These documents are currently generated from data held on an Oracle 12C Database.

Contract awarded

Award: Single Contract
Name & Address: Enterprise Registry Solutions

6378857E, International House, 3 Harbourmaster Place, Dublin 1, IFSC 
Value: €2,066,000
Contract Type: Services
Contract Award date: 14th December 2017
Description: Provision of a solution for a full system refresh for all Registers maintained by the Companies Registration Office and the Registry of Friendly Societies


Contract awarded

Award : Single Contract
Name & Address: Tico Mail Works, Unit T8, Maple Avenue, Stillorgan Industrial Park, County Dublin.
Value: €40,000 over 4 years
Contract Type: Services
Contract Award date: 7th February 2017
Duration: 12 months with option to extend for 36 months
Description: Printing and posting to companies and their directors and agents, of certain personalised letters and notices from the CRO