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Getting Ireland Brexit Ready

With little over a month to go to Brexit, it is important that you ensure you are fully prepared and take all possible actions now to prepare in order to protect your business and employees. There are steps your business can take to manage change and minimise any disruption and cost to your business.

There are many unknowns with Brexit, but whatever happens, it will bring change to the way we do business with or through the UK and companies need to prepare as much as possible for this change, regardless of location, size or sector.

You can access the Brexit Preparedness Checklist which identifies the essential actions that firms can take in advance of 31 October to ensure that they will still be able to trade with or through the UK after it leaves the EU. The checklist includes a list of the Government advice and financial supports available to companies in their preparations for Brexit. It also includes contact details for the relevant Agencies who can provide the necessary guidance and support to firms. You are encouraged to contact them and see how they can help you.

For further information on Government support and advice, please visit or read the Government’s “Getting Ireland Business Brexit Ready: Practical Steps Guide” that sets out the nine practical steps to take to ensure that businesses are as prepared as they can be.