Primary Reasons for Match Failure


If you, the presenter, submit a B1, A1, B10, or B69 and get an automated response that says, "One or more PPSNs/IPNs were invalid, or names or dates of birth did not match," the error is caused by one or more directors who don't match on one or more of the following four pieces of information:

  • RBO Profile First Name
  • RBO Profile Last Name
  • Date of Birth
  • RBO Number


The RBO operate on a close matching model. When a presenter submits an RBO form with a name that has already been registered on a BEN2 but has been slightly altered (which will be accepted), the altered name replaces the original name as the new RBO name. Your attempt to match identity of name data on CORE (which presently requires exact matching across portals) will continue to fail until the CRO name matches the RBO name as it is currently presented on the RBO.

How can I resolve the name matching issue if the RBO does not show me exactly how the name is currently presented?

A presenter could re-file the RBO Main Form and update the name to match the CRO name exactly.


Date of Birth

The date of birth entered into the relevant CORE filing must match exactly with the data from the Registered BEN2

Q I have reviewed the BEN2 and I note the date of birth on the CRO record matches the BEN2. I am confident that the Name and RBO Number and Date of Birth are correct. How can I check that the data entered into the RBO portal was correct? I believe there might have been a data entry error.

A Please email the mailbox and outline the position.


RBO Number

This must be exactly the same as the number generated from the Registered BEN2

Q I do not know the RBO Number. How can I retrieve this?

A If you are the same presenter, the RBO Number should be in your inbox on your RBO account. If however you cannot find it we can issue it again but please allow some time for this, please email

Q I am not the same presenter who filed the BEN2. How can I retrieve the RBO Number?

A Please email  with a brief explanation, we will forward the previous presenter’s name to you and their email address. The declarant should have received the RBO Number from the initial presenter.

Additional things to consider for potential match errors.

The name registered originally with RBO might consist of several components that make up the name but perhaps they were recorded in the wrong order.
Until both Name fields show the same parts of the Name in the First and Last Name fields, the name will continue to mismatch.

The name will continue to mismatch until the same parts of the name appear in both the “First Name” and “Last Name” field.

For example,
The CRO record shows the name Clifford Ian Brown;

However, the name was entered incorrectly on a Form A1 in the order shown below.

First Name

Last Name


Ian Brown


Q How can I determine whether the RBO portal's presentation of the name's component parts is to blame for the mismatch?

A You could examine the Company Details on the RBO Portal and review how the name shows up if you were to hypothetically update the beneficial owner.


CRO Remedy

In instances whereby the RBO Name was correct

It is typically resolved by issuing a B10 to change each component of the Full Name, but at this time, doing so independently via CORE is not possible. If you would like assistance changing both parts of the full name, please email Alternatively, you can email, and we will consider a new application so you can arrange the names correctly.



If your submission still fails after trying the above troubleshooting advice, send an email to with the following subject line:

(Insert Form Type) – RBO Number-related – (Insert SR Filing Reference)
Followed by a brief description of the issue in the body of the email.