Registered Office Agent

Under section 50(4) Companies Act 2014, a company's registered office may be placed in the care of an agent who has an office in the State and is approved for this purpose by the Registrar of Companies.

To become an approved Registered Office Agent (ROA):

  • the agent must file Form B81 with the CRO.
  • the agent must be an Irish registered company
  • their company number will then become their ROA identification number.

Companies who wish to use the agent's address as their registered office will be required to consent to the agent's appointment as their ROA by including the registered agents name, number and address on the Form B2 (change of registered office) or form A1 (incorporation document) or equivalent to form A1 (SE forms or Q form). The appointment form must be signed by an officer of the company and filed with the CRO.

After the appointment of the ROA, submission by the ROA of Form B2 to update their own address will also update the registered office address of the associated companies without the need for individual forms B2 to be submitted. Only companies which have supplied a specific consent to the appointment will be updated. Companies which are in the care of the ROA but have not filed a specific consent to the appointment of the ROA will not be updated. Please see link to forms.Forms CRO

Note: Each company can cease the appointment of a Registered Office Agent by the submission of a form B2 to update their address signed by an officer of the company. A Registered Office Agent cannot resign from the position, as every company must have a registered office at all times. Only through the submission of a new address can the register be updated.