Filing an Annual Return Online

Step 1 - System requirements

To file online you will need the following:

  • A working email account.
  • Adobe Reader 9, or later versions, on your computer (Free from
  • A printer to print the signature page.
  • If you have anti-virus software on your computer, enable PopUps in order to view the signature page.

Step 2 - Registration

To file online you first need to register with CORE.

This is a simple process.

  • Log onto
  • On the right hand side of the web page, click on CORE REGISTRATION FORM and follow the instructions on screen. If you have already registered for online filing, you can use your existing username and password.
Registering with CORE

Step 3 - Getting access

Log into www.core.ieLinks to external website using your email address and password.

Workspace screen in CORE

Step 4 - Completing the form

  • Click on "File a Form".
  • Select "B1 - Annual Return" from the drop down menu.
  • Follow the instructions, making sure you read all pop-up messages carefully. To further assist you, the "Help" button, located on each web page will open up a page of instructions.

Also, the icon located beside some fields will provide more specific instructions about that particular field.

  • When you have completed all the fields, click on "Total View" and then click on "Check Form" in order to identify omissions.
  • After this validation, click "Check Content" and you will be presented with a list of discrepancies, if any, which are described as "Errors" or "Warnings".

Errors must be fixed before you can send the form; warnings should be checked to make sure the information is correct to the best of your knowledge.

You can then either submit the form or save and submit it later. You can pay online at the point of submission. When you have successfully submitted the form, a signature page will open up as a pdf document in Adobe Reader. You must print this page and have it signed by the relevant officers i.e. director and secretary or the Electronic Filing Agent (see Information Leaflet No. 15).

Submission of a form in CORE is not the same as having filed the form with the CRO. Delivery of the signature page (if that process is used) must be received by the CRO within the 28 days or else the form is not delivered on time. When all of the correct documentation is accepted by the CRO, the status of the document changes to Received. Please note that from June 1st, payment and attachment of financial statements must be completed online. See FAQs regarding the introduction of Mandatory E-Filing.

Signature Page

The signature page, correct fee and any attachments (accounts, special auditor’s report, lists of directorships, etc.) must be received in the CRO within 28 days of the date of electronic submission or the annual return will be deemed never to have been filed.

Please note that from June 1st, payment and attachment of financial statements must be completed online. See FAQs regarding the introduction of Mandatory E-Filing.


It is now possible to file an annual return online completely. Please see information regarding Submitting PDF Accounts for an Annual Return and Electronic Signatures using Digital Signing Certificate. If you choose to pay online and upload PDF financial statements which have typed directors names, all you need to do is submit the signed signature page to the CRO within 28 days of the date of the electronic submissions. From June 1st 2017 this will be the only mechanism for the submission of financial statements.

Further Information: If your query relates to CORE or technical issues associated with completing the online B1, email Electronic Filing Section or phone 01 8045374/805355. If your query relates to the content of the form, please contact or phone 01-804 5394.

Checking the status of your submission: Presenters can look up details of a company in the Company Search facility under "Services" - if the company's NARD has moved on to 2015, it means their 2014 annual return has been received and you can view the list of submissions and their status for free.

Also, company officers can register on CORE -, where a "watch" can be set up on a relevant company to check the status of submissions posted or filed on-line. An event will appear in "My Events" each time a document is received and the status of any document (manual or electronic) changes against a watched company.