Withholding of Residential Address – Company Officer

Under Section 150(11) of the Companies Act 2014, it is possible for a company director not to disclose their residential address on a form submitted to the CRO.

  • Any exemption will take effect from the date that the Form T1 is registered and will apply to information submitted on Forms to the CRO after this date. Please note that the CRO cannot remove or amend a document from the Register which has already been submitted.
  • Successful applicants will instead enter the registered office address of the company rather than their residential address.
  • The applicant is responsible for the non-disclosure of the residential address where the application is successful. The CRO accepts no responsibility for the subsequent disclosure of the address by the company on any form submitted to the CRO.
  •  All other relevant information must be supplied eg Date of Birth, details of other company directorships etc. The omission only applies to the residential address.


An application to request the exemption of the usual residential address of an officer of a company from appearing on the register shall comply with the following: 

  •  (i) The request for an exemption is sent to the Registrar in an envelope marked "For the Attention of the Registrar" and is accompanied by the Form T1. As the exemption will apply from the date of the registered T1 – a Form appointing the individual or changing the address of the individual (eg A1 – company incorporation or B10 – change in director details) may also be enclosed with the T1;
  •  (ii) The application requesting an exemption in accordance with section 150(11) must be accompanied by a supporting statement from an officer of the Garda Síochána not below the rank of a Chief Superintendent;
  • (iii) This statement must contain a request that the usual residential address of a person who is an officer of the company shall not appear on the register kept by the Registrar for reasons of personal safety or security.

    Where the Registrar is fully satisfied that the officer of the company has fully completed the procedure, she will notify the officer of the company concerned that an exemption has been granted.