Industrial and Provident Society

Post Registration Requirements

Annual Return
After registration, a society must have its accounts audited each year by a registered auditor.

A society must once in every year send a return [section 10(e) of the Friendly Societies and Industrial and Provident Societies (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2014] and must be accompanied by audited financial statements.

The annual return shall be submitted no later than- 

  •  (i) 31 October, where the date of its last published balance sheet falls between 1 January and 30 June, and
  • (ii) 30 April, where the date of its last published balance sheet falls between 1 July and 31 December (of the preceding year);

Failure to submit an annual return leaves a society liable to prosecution and also to having its registration cancelled. A society whose registration has been cancelled can only have it restored by applying to the Dublin District Court.

Accounts must be submitted with the return each year together with the auditors report under the Industrial and Provident Societies Acts 1893 to 2014.

Please note: Fees for Industrial and Provident Societies were changed by Statutory Instrument in August 2018. See Fees - Ind and Prov Societies.

Please Note: Where the accounts submitted, whether in the auditors report or the directors statement, refer to a "company" or to the "Companies Acts", the submission will be rejected and returned to the presenter for correction. The Companies Acts have no relation to the submission of I&P accounts. Equally where account documents refer to the society type being a "company limited by guarantee" the accounts will be refused. Any reference to the type should be reference to an Industrial and Provident Society. Reference in the auditors report should be that the information is correct "in accordance with the Industrial and Provident Societies Acts, 1893 to 2014".

Amendment of Rules

If a society amends any of its rules, it must apply to the Registrar to have the amendment registered. The Registrar will register the amendment when he is satisfied that it is in accordance with statute. An amendment to rule is not valid until it has been registered by the Registrar. Application forms to register amendments to rule are available from the website. Link to Forms Page.

Beneficial Ownership

The Department of Finance has advised that a Statutory Instrument is expected to be made in the coming months assigning separate legal responsibility to the Registrar of Companies for the establishment and maintenance of the central register of beneficial ownership of companies and industrial and provident societies (I&Ps).  The Department of Finance has indicated that it is currently on track to have the beneficial ownership elements of the 4th Directive transposed by Q4 2018.

Change of Registered Office

If a society changes its registered office it must notify the Registrar. The appropriate form for notifying the change is available from the website. Link to Forms Page.

Change of Name, Amalgamation, Transfer of Engagements and Conversion
A society may by special resolution change its name, amalgamate with or transfer its engagements to another society or convert itself into a company. Each of these processes requires that the society applies to the Registrar to have the process registered.

Link to Forms Page Link to Fees: Fees - Industrial and Provident Societies