Trade Union

Post Registration Requirements

Annual Return

After registration, a trade union must have its accounts audited each year by "some fit and proper person or persons" appointed by the trustees (section 11 of the Trade Union Act 1871). While a union is not legally required to have its accounts audited by a registered auditor, the Registrar strongly recommends that unions do so. A trade union must make an annual return, made up to 31 December, to the Registrar by the following 1 June and the return must be accompanied by the audited accounts.

When lodging documents with the RFS, please ensure that only unbound pages are submitted. This will ensure that the time taken to prepare and scan submissions is kept to a minimum, which is in the interests of both the RFS and our customers. Pages of a document shall be kept together by means of a clip or staple at the top left-hand corner and shall not be stitched together or otherwise bound and shall not bear any adhesive tape.

Amendments to Registered Rules
If a trade union amends any of its rules, it must apply to the Registrar to have the amendment registered. The Registrar will register the amendment when he is satisfied that it is in accordance with statute. Application forms to register amendments to rule are available from the Registry.

Change of Registered Office

If a trade union changes its registered office it must notify the Registrar. The appropriate form for notifying the change is available from the Registry.

Amalgamation, Transfer of Engagements and Change of Name

A trade union may amalgamate with or transfer its engagements to another trade union in accordance with the provisions of the Trade Union Act 1975. Further information on the requirements is available from the Registry.

A trade union may change its name in accordance with section 12 of the Trade Union Act 1975. Further information on the procedure is available from the Registry.

Dissolving a Trade Union

Section 14 of the Trade Union Act (1871) Amendment requires the rules of a trade union to provide for the manner of dissolving the union and that the notice of a dissolution should be given to the Registrar within 14 days.

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