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Here you can view fees for documents filed and searches conducted. Documents filed electronically carry a lower fee and, in some cases, no fee at all.

Please note that cheques sent to the CRO must be made out to the Companies Registration Office or the Registrar of Companies and that they must be drawn on a Bank in the Republic of Ireland clearing system. For security reasons, always spell out the words Companies Registration Office in full on the Payee Name line - never put in the letters "CRO" on their own.

Section  Description 
Companies  Details of the filing fees for submissions and General Fees
Business Names  Details of the filing fees for submissions and General Fees 
Foreign Companies  Details of the filing fees for external company documents
Limited Partnerships  Details of the fees.
Bulk Data Details of the fees.
Registry of Friendly Societies  Details of fees relating to Friendly Societies, Trade Unions and Industrial and Provident Societies.
Re-Use of Information  Note on Fees and Re-Use of Information for the Companies Registration Office and the Registrar of Friendly Societies
Methods of Payment The different ways to pay accepted by the CRO. You can choose to Open a Customer Account.