Minutes of Meetings

In this section you can view the minutes of meetings the CRO holds with representatives of its client base. In 2016, the Accountants Forum and Crolink Forum were combined into a single forum.

CROLink, a users’ council that meets three times per year, provides a useful forum for the exchange of views on developments in the CRO and company law. CROLink is chaired by the registrar of companies and comprises representatives of the Minister for Business, Enterprise & Innovation, the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions, the Consultative Committee of Accountancy Bodies, the Law Society of Ireland, the Chambers of Commerce of Ireland, the Consumers Association of Ireland, the Small Firms Association, and the Irish Small & Medium Enterprise Association. The MRBI survey revealed that 81% of companies use external service providers to file their annual returns, of which 99% are accountants. CROLink is a useful vehicle for conveying information on developments in the CRO/company law to the members of the representative bodies. However, the survey demonstrated the need for the CRO to engage directly with accountants. Accountants, particularly small/medium sized practitioners, represent a sizeable constituency amongst CRO customers and undoubtedly can bring fresh thinking and impetus to the Office. In 2003, the CRO established a forum, made up of representatives of the accountancy bodies, nominated by the CCAB-I, and the CRO. At such a forum, practitioners adopt an active, practical, participative approach to help the office secure success in implementing and sustaining change.

In 2016 the CROLink and the CRO Accountants Forum were merged back into one single Forum.

In 2014 CRO established a Forum of technical users of CRO data and electronic filing systems. The group meets annually to discuss developments in CRO’s and its users technical practices.

Stakeholder Forum Minutes:

CRO/Accountants Forum

Accountants, particularly small and medium sized practitioners, represent a sizable constituency amongst CRO customers and thus a forum made up of representatives of the accountancy bodies and the CRO was established in early 2003.

Minutes of Accountants Forum Meetings:


CROLink, the CRO Users' Council, was established in January 1996 to serve as a forum for customer liaison with the Office. Members of the group represent a wide cross-section of the CRO's customer base, and the forum provides a valuable feedback to the CRO on the services that the Office provides to the public.

Minutes of Crolink Meetings:

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