2016 Ezine Newsletter

Email Newsletter
The CRO newsletter facility allows subscribers to receive regular news updates from the office by email. These emails are delivered in text format:

1. CRO E-Zine
This is an electronic bulletin published once a month. It informs all subscribers of the current developments within the Office and also notifies subscribers of future events.

2. Interim Messages
The email newsletter service is effectively split in two (though only one subscriber list is used). Every subscriber receives delivery of the CRO E-Zine once every month. In the interim subscribers may receive further updates if necessary from the Office (urgent or time sensitive messages).


Business Names Certificates will be issued as “digitally certified” documents commencing 2nd August. These Digital Certificates will replace the paper Business Names Certificates currently posted out to presenters. The Digital Certificates will be emailed as a pdf document to the email address entered on the form submitted to apply for a business name. This will facilitate immediate receipt of the certificate by the presenter as soon as the Business Name has been registered.

Format of Digital Certificate

The format of the Business Name Certificate will not change and the Digital Certificates will contain all of the information currently displayed in the paper Certificates. The signature of the officer registering the Business Name on behalf of the Registrar will appear on the Digital Certificate. The pdf document will contain a coloured banner at the top of the screen to confirm that it has been digitally signed as certified by the CRO. This provides an assurance to the recipient that the document is authentic, has not been tampered with and has been independently verified as sourced in CRO. Presenters can provide these digital certificates directly to third parties by email. 


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