Digital Signing Certificate

Please ensure you use the same browser to login to CORE as you do for Revenue/ROS.

With a Digital Signing Certificate, you can sign CRO forms online and eliminate paper and save time.

All forms that are available online can be completed using the Digital Signing Certificate including:

  • Form B1 - Annual Return, with PDF Accounts fully online.
  • Form B10 - Change of Director forms online;
  • Form B2 - Change of Address forms online;
  • Form C1 -  Mortgage/Charge

You need to register for a Digital Signing Certificate. It’s easy to do. Registration for the certificate takes place via the Revenue Commissioners ROS website. Click on the link below and follow instructions to register with ROS:

Click on the link for instructions from the Revenue Site on how to create a sub user ROS Cert.

ROS Help Centre: