Submitting PDF Financial Statements

The Companies Act 2014 requires all financial statements filed with the CRO to contain TYPED signatures and removes the requirement for handwritten signatures on such financial statements. This facility enables a company to file its annual return and financial statements fully electronically. 

Customers can upload a pdf version of their Annual financial statements to accompany their Electronic B1 Annual Return form. This facility is as simple to use as attaching a document to an email. The customer has the option to upload a pdf of the scanned copy of the originally signed Accounts financial statements /Auditors Report that should include the typed names of the directors/auditor.

The customer can complete their B1 online on www.CORE.ieLinks to external website (the Companies Online Registration Environment) or through a software package. They then have 28 days to upload the pdf version of their financial statements.  Once they have been uploaded the signature page (that includes the overall certification for the financial statements), together with the appropriate fee, should reach the CRO within 28 days from the date that the B1 was submitted electronically.

To Upload PDF accounts

In CORE, when you have filed your B1 successfully, go to your "Workspace". Under "Document Management" you will see 4 icons. Click on the icon "Upload PDF Accounts".

Image CORE website

You will then be presented with a form to upload your financial statements. Locate the PDF file on your computer. Please ensure where the company has not signed the B1 electronically a signature page and fee (if applicable) must be forwarded to the CRO within 28 days even where the financial statements are uploaded. Where the B1 is signed electronically you will receive a cover sheet to send in with the fee if it was not paid by customer account or credit/debit card.

If you have chosen to sign electronically and pay with a customer account or by credit card, then the submission is entirely electronic, so no signature page or cover sheet is needed.