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78% of all documents filed with the CRO in the last year were e-filed, either through a secretarial software package or via CORE - Over 370,000 documents are completed using the e-filing system every year (often for free).


CORE (Companies Online Registration Environment) is the online filing facility of Companies Registration Office. It has been developed to allow you, as a CRO customer, to view in a secure, private environment, up to date information on companies for which you file.

CORE enables you to :-

  • File documents online (Some documents can be filed for free) including business name applications.
  • Check the status of your companies in lists which can be sorted in various orders
  • Receive notification of filings for companies in your portfolio and of changes in the status of those documents
  • Watch your companies
  • Obtain your CRO Account balance, transactions and statements

If you require any assistance you can email the Electronic Filing Section or 01-804 5355/5374. CORE FAQ's: Click here for Electronic Filing FAQs. Secretarial software packages: If you are working through one of the secretarial software vendors that has a relationship with CRO, you can file some forms electronically and sign using ROS signatures.


You can also:

Please see video below for help on efiling an annual return (B1 Form):

ROS signatures: CRO has implemented a system of electronic signature which re-uses Revenue's ROS system. Therefore, any person who has registered with ROS and has obtained a digital ROS cert can sign CRO foms online.

Certain forms must be filed online including the annual return form -  form B1. Please see Main Points to Remember when filing form B1.