Reserve Company Name


Reservation of company name, is provided for under sections 28 and 29 of the Companies Act 2014.

The reservation of company name facility, which allows for a company name to be reserved for a period up to 28 days, is available in electronic form only and can be found in CORE in the "File a Form" section.  A company name can be reserved for both a new company or an existing company changing its name. However, please note that you cannot reserve a Business (Trading) Name.

See CORE - Link to Electronic Filing FAQ


The application fee for reservation of a company name is €25 and this may be offset against your application if the reserve name certificate is submitted with the new company application Form A1/ change of name application Form G1Q within the specified period of 28 days.

On application, and together with an additional fee of €25, a company name which has been reserved may be extended for a further period not exceeding 28 days. This second €25 fee for extending the reservation period is not offset against your application.

Company Search

The facility may also be used as a search tool enabling customers to check a proposed name against existing company names on the CRO register, and whether a proposed name would be considered acceptable by the CRO. This should give customers an indication as to what name may be accepted when filing Form A1 to incorporate a company. This service is in addition to the existing "Company Search" function where you can check that the name proposed is not similar to one already registered.

You are advised not to incur expenses relating to the proposed name (e.g. preparing signs, headed notepaper, stationery, etc.) in advance of receipt of the reservation of name certificate or the certificate of incorporation that will confirm that the company has been reserved or registered with the chosen name.

Please note also that section 30 Companies Act 2014 states that if your chosen name is too similar to the name of another company, and is accepted for registration by the CRO, through inadvertence or otherwise, an objection on grounds of similarity could be made in writing to the Registrar of Companies within six months following the incorporation of your company and you could be directed by the Registrar to change the company name. In considering whether names are too alike, the Registrar will take account of all relevant factors suggesting similarity and leading to confusion between the names of the two companies.

If the Registrar, pursuant to section 30 Companies Act 2014 directs a company to change its name, such change must take place within six weeks of the date of the Registrar’s direction or such longer period as she may allow. A company that fails to comply with the direction will be eligible for prosecution.

Reserving a Company Name

This system allows you to reserve a name for a new company or for an existing company changing its name. If the proposed name is not acceptable or is similar or identical to another company name then you will be informed immediately on screen. There is no charge for this service. However, please note that you cannot reserve a Business (Trading) Name.

If the proposed name is not immediately rejected then it will be considered by the CRO and you will be informed within 5 working days of the position. The cost of this application is €25.00, which can be paid in advance by credit card or charged to your account in the CRO. A receipt will issue immediately on screen and this will also be noted in your workspace inside CORE.

If your application is considered and rejected you will be invited to modify your application and submit it again free of charge. This does not have to be submitted immediately. This modification can be repeated until your application has been accepted. If your application is accepted then you will be informed by e-mail and a RCN certificate will be placed in your workspace in CORE.

The name will be reserved for 28 days as indicated on the RCN Certificate. You will be reminded by e-mail after 23 days of the expiry date. You should print out the RCN Certificate and submit it with your application for a new company. If this is presented within the 28 days specified the fee will be reduced by the €25.00.

RCN Certificate Not a Credit Note

Please note that the reduction in fees can only be given if the RCN certificate is presented with the new company application. It cannot be presented later nor can it be used in connection with other filings. The RCN Certificate is not a credit note.

You may extend the reservation by a further 28 days and this will cost another €25.00. The reservation may not be extended any further than this and a fresh application will be necessary after that. You should still print out the RCN Certificate and submit it with your application for a new company. If this is presented within 28 days - now extended up to 56 days - the total reduction in fees remains at €25.00.


If you have any queries regarding this system please contact (01) 804 5200, Lo-call 1890 220226 or e-mail