Fast Track Restoration

Where a company has been struck off for a period not exceeding 12 months, a company may avail of the fast track process for restoration of a dissolved company (that is seeking to be restored via a Form H1). An officer of the company (the secretary or a director) must present himself/herself at the Cash Office in the CRO Public Office and remains in the office until such time as all documentation has been examined and processed to restoration. There is no Public Office in Carlow.

Form H1-OMC is not eligible for the FastTrack Restoration process. Form H1-OMC is for the restoration of an Owners Management Company.

Procedure to be Followed for FastTrack Restoration
Firstly, please note that company officers using the fast track facility to restore a company must produce current photo identification i.e current Driving Licence/Passport.
1. The company officer must present himself/herself to the CRO cashier (in the Public Office) between 10.30am and 12 noon with completed Form H1and all outstanding documentation and relevant fees; The company officer cannot avail of the fast-track restoration process for more than two companies at a time:
2. The company officer must inform the cashier that he/she wishes to avail of the fast track process;
3. The company officer will be asked to complete a form applying for the fast track process (the form will ask for the name of the officer and his/her position in the company);
4. The company officer will be required to remain in the CRO until the company is restored to the register. This could mean a wait of up to 2 hours in case any amendments need to be made to the documentation presented or that extra forms need to be completed where company records are not up to date, i.e. Forms B2/B10;
5. In the event that extra forms need to be completed extra fees will be payable. Fees are payable by bank draft, cash or postal order only for lodgment of documents;
6. CRO does not accept payment by cheque or PAF (customer account) for Fast Track Restorations. Payment may be made by Bank Draft or Postal/Money Order. Credit/Laser cards may also be used. Please note that only chip-and-pin credit or debit cards are accepted. Where the documents are delivered to the Public Counter payment can also be made in cash. NB: Cash should not be posted to the CRO.
7. Company officers using the fast track facility to restore a company must produce current photo identification i.e current Driving Licence/Passport.
8. Please Note: Company cheques belonging to the dissolved company cannot be used to submit forms for the restoration as a dissolved company has no legal status and that Postal applications for H1 restorations paid for by cheque cannot be processed by fast track until cheque has been cleared. (Approx. 4 weeks).
9. Every company being restored to the register must be in compliance with the provisions of the Companies Act 2014. Old unconverted private limited by shares companies become LTD companies and guarantee companies and unlimited companies must be accord with the name requirements imposed by the Act. See Restoration and Company Type for more information.

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