Conversion/Change of Name requirement under Companies Act 2014

Deadlines for companies wishing to be converted to a DAC or an LTD have now passed. It is also no longer possible to change the company name to meet the requirements in the Companies Act 2014.

See Current Status webpage regarding the end of the Transition Period.


The 18 month transition period provided in the 2014 Companies Act for companies to convert to a new company type ended on 30 November. The forms introduced for use in the conversion process (N1, N2, N3) ceased to have any legal basis under the Act on 1 December and any conversion form received after 1 December cannot therefore be processed by the CRO.

Companies wishing to re-register, change their name or adopt a new constitution, can do so by using one of the following methods:

(a) re-register to a different company type by filing a Form D20, Special Resolution, new Constitution and filing fee of €60 (see CRO Information Leaflet No 35 for more information),

(b) change their name by filing a G1Q, Special Resolution, amended Constitution and fee of €50 if filed on line/€100 on paper, and

(c) adopt a new Constitution by filing a G1 and Special Resolution which is free if filed online/€30 on paper.