What's New 2016




Companies Act 2014

The Companies Act 2014 requires that each company type be included as part of the company name. For some types of company this will require an alteration to be made. The Transition Period will run until 30th November 2016.  Private limited by shares companies incorporated under the previous Companies Acts can convert to either an LTD Company or Designated Activity Company limited by shares.

All other companies are deemed to be their respective type under the new Companies Act 2014. This may require some of them to alter their name. See Need to alter Company Name.  

As of 1st January 2016, the register is made up of:

Number  Company type  Legislation
 16,030 LTD companies Part 2 Companies Act 2014 
 640 Designated Activity Companies Private Guarantee companies are now DACs and operate under Part 16 Companies Act 2014.
 160,155 Private limited by shares companies which operate under the Designated Activity Company legislation until such time as they are converted. See Need to Convert area. DACs operate under Part 16 Companies Act 2014 
 1,564 Public Limited Companies.  PLCs operate under Part 17 Companies Act 2014. Investment Companies under Part 24 Companies Act 2014
 4,506 Unlimited Companies.  PUCs, PULCs and ULCs operate under Part 19 Companies Act 2014
 15,633 Companies Limited by Guarantee.  CLGs operate under Part 18 Companies Act 2014

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