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Communication in relation to SAP 207

Due to the unprecedented situation in relation to the global Covid-19 pandemic the CRO are introducing a new interim process to allow for the filing of Summary Approval Procedures (SAPs). These are manual documents that require wet signatures which are then normally delivered to the CRO by post. The new process will allow for these signed manual documents to be scanned and emailed into the CRO using the following address:  They must be emailed to this address only.

The only documents that will be accepted into this email address are Summary Approval Procedure (SAP) declarations for SAP 207 and the associated Resolutions and Notice of Appointment of a Liquidator (E2) for that declaration, if it hasn’t already been filed with the CRO. The presenter must also give authorisation for payment for the form from a customer account only. This can be done by attaching a separate letter giving the CRO authorisation to deduct the fee from a specific customer account or by filling out and attaching a Payment Authorisation Form (PAF) from the assigned PAF book. Please do not attach any other type of form as they will not be accepted.

Separate emails for the same SAP cannot be accepted.

When the documents are emailed into the presenter will receive an automatic reply to say that an email has been received. The onus is on the presenter to ensure that the documents are completed accurately and have reached the CRO by regularly checking the Register online.

This process is being introduced on a short-term basis to facilitate filing in the current environment and the original documents must be kept by the presenter. Presenters must continue to adhere to the filing deadlines as required under the Companies Act 2014.

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