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Discontinuation of refunds for online filing of C1/C1a

The filing fee for a C1/C1A is €40. This is paid online by customer account or credit card. From 1st February 2020, the CRO will no longer refund €40 for rejected/returned C1/C1A’s.

If you have chosen to pay by credit card, payment will be taken immediately and is NON-REFUNDABLE (as we cannot store card details). If you would prefer to pay by customer account, payment will not be deducted from your customer account until the submission is received and processed. If the C1/C1A is incorrectly filed, it will be returned and can be amended by the presenter and resubmitted to CRO, once it is inside the 21-day limit of the date the charge was created. No additional fee is required.

A charge which is outside the 21 days will be rejected.

If you wish to open an account with the CRO, please see Open a Customer Account Online page. CRO Account holders should ensure that there is sufficient money in their account to cover the transaction before submitting their documents.


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