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Mandatory E-filing - 1st June 2017

Form B1 and financial statements are required to be filed online from June 1st 2017

Over 87% of all annual returns in 2016 were filed online. Filing online increases speed, efficiency and means that companies are less likely to miss deadlines.

From 1st June 2017, all annual returns (form B1) and associated financial statements will have to be filed online. It will not be possible to file a paper version of the documents. These documents will also have to be paid for online.

Please familiarise yourself with the different means of electronic filing. Documents can be filed online at or through a software package. Filing online is cheaper than filing paper documents. By filing the annual return online, the cost is reduced to €20.

Forms B2, B10 and B73 are also required to be filed online from June 1st 2017.

These forms have no filing fees. Use the forms to maintain an accurate record of the company. Form B2 is used to update the registered office of a company. Form B10 to note any change in director/secretary details. Form B73 is used for the nomination of a new annual return date.

SI 458 of 2016 - Companies Act 2014 (Section 897) Order 2016 has been signed into law by the Minister of Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation. The SI comes into effect on 1st June 2017. These changes will directly affect the company of which you are a director. As every company is obliged to file a B1 every year, it is imperative that any company, whose Annual Return Date (ARD) is after the 31st May 2017, familiarises themselves with the online process ahead of their ARD. 

File B1 online June 2017

You can Submit PDF Financial Statements right now

The Companies Act 2014 requires all financial statements filed with the CRO to contain TYPED signatures and removes the requirement for handwritten signatures on such financial statements. This facility enables a company to file its annual return and financial statements fully electronically. 

Customers can upload a pdf version of their Annual financial statements to accompany their Electronic B1 Annual Return form. This facility is as simple to use as attaching a document to an email. The customer has the option to upload a pdf of the scanned copy of the originally signed Accounts financial statements /Auditors Report that should include the typed names of the directors/auditor.

The customer can complete their B1 online on www.CORE.ieLinks to external website (the Companies Online Registration Environment) or through a software package. They then have 28 days to upload the pdf version of their financial statements.  Once they have been uploaded the signature page (that includes the overall certification for the financial statements), together with the appropriate fee, should reach the CRO within 28 days from the date that the B1 was submitted electronically.

To Upload PDF accounts

In CORE, when you have filed your B1 successfully, go to your "Workspace". Under "Document Management" you will see 4 icons. Click on the icon "Upload PDF Accounts".

Image CORE website

You will then be presented with a screen to upload your accounts (financial statements). Complete this form and click on "Browse". Locate the PDF file on your computer and click "Submit".

If you have chosen to sign electronically and pay with a customer account or by credit card, then the submission is entirely electronic, so no signature page or cover sheet is needed.

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