30th November 2020

Check our Twitter page for a video about our new system which goes live on December 16th. 


27th November 2020

26th November 2020

25th November 2020

24th November 2020

23rd November 2020

20th November 2020

18th November 2020

CRO will launch a new CORE Portal on 16 December.  The following is a list of key dates that apply. 

07 December 2020 - Cut Off Date for the receipt of signature pages

10 December 2020 - Cut Off Date for the receipt of electronically signed C1/C1A/C1B/F8/F8A/F8Bs*

11 December 2020 - CRO will begin transition period to new system

16 December 2020 - CRO Go-Live

16 December 2020 - Legislation to facilitate the “56 day” timeline for filing B1 Annual Returns will come into force

  • Signature pages received after the cut-off date will not be accepted and forms will need to be re-filed with the new system post go live.
  • All manual documents can continue to be delivered as normal and will be processed in due course.

*Information in relation to charges:

  • If you intend to file a C1 or F8 during the period that the CRO is closed, we would suggest that a C1A/F8A is filed in advance to give notice of the intent to create a charge. File a Form C1A (notice of intention to create a charge), followed within 21 days by Form C1B (confirming the creation of the charge) This will secure priority from date of filing of the Form C1A.
  • Please ensure that C1/F8’s and C1A/F8A’s are filed before the CRO shuts down if their 21- day period falls during the time that the CRO is closed.
  • There will be no facility for paper C1/C1A/C1B’s, F8/F8A/F8B’s during shut-down period.
  • Manual documents for C6/C7/C17’s can still be delivered to the CRO during the shut-down period, however, they will not be received and processed until post ‘Go Live’. These forms will also go online at a later date which CRO will advertise presently.
  • The overall process for filing C1/C1A/C1B’s, F8/F8A/F8b’s will not change.