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CRO Newsletter

The CRO email newsletter is a publication that is available to all subscribers. It is published once a month, with interim ezines issued where the website might be brought down for repairs etc. The newsletter details any change to the legislation that affect the CRO practices, the introduction of new forms, changes to opening hours etc.

Format/Example of Newsletter

The CRO email newsletter is issued in text format only. Contained within each text email are hyperlinks to the relevant (if any) parts of the website. Your email application may not allow some long URLs to fit onto one line. Simply copy and paste the entire link into your browsers address field or view the Newsletter archive on the site.

Please see Newsletter Archive Issue 184 for example of the email issued.


To subscribe to the email service please send your email address to CRONewsletter. You can email CRONewsletter to unsubscribe also.

Security Statement

To register to our email newsletter service, only your email address has to be supplied to us, and this is retained by CRO in order that the newsletter may be transmitted to you. If you at any time cancel your subscription to the email newsletter, your email address will be retained by us for record purposes concerning your subscription to the newsletter service but will be used by CRO for no other purpose.