Common Errors - Form B10


In processing B10’s, the CRO encounters a number of specific errors which prevent registration, leading to return of the documents and consequent delays for customers in effecting the notified updates to officer details.

The following outlines some of the most frequent errors encountered -

Errors applicable to B10’s:

  • All officers must provide their private residential address. 
  • Office addresses are not acceptable for Directors or Secretaries. 
  • An officer cannot certify a B10 which includes notification of their own resignation.
  • No B10 (or combination of B10’s) can be registered which would leave a company with less than the required minimum of two Directors and a Secretary*.
  • If a new Secretary is being appointed, the resignation of the previous Secretary must also be specifically notified.

* Since June 2015 - a new company model - Private Company Limited by Shares (Ltd company) under Part 2 Companies Act 2014 -  may have only one director if it chooses but must still have a separate secretary. Only this LTD company model can be a single-director company. All other company types must have 2 directors.

Since June 1st 2015 - all directors and secretaries must be over the age of eighteen.

Presenters should ensure that the effective date of the notified changes does not precede the date of incorporation of the company, or the date of appointment of any Directors in respect of which changes of address or personal details are being notified.

If a person is being appointed in one capacity (ie Director) and they are already acting for the company in another capacity (ie Secretary), please ensure that the address given matches. If the address has changed, a further B10 may be required notifying the address change from an earlier date. The same applies where the officer’s personal details have changed - they should agree with the existing record as notified to CRO, and a separate B10 notifying an earlier change of name etc. may be required.

Note on completing form B10: Details of other directorships which are listed on the form B10 would include any directorships from within the last five years, incorporated in the State or elsewhere.

Other Errors applicable to electronic B10’s:

  • When a company is certifying changes as Secretary, the company name/number must be shown, and also the name of the individual certifying on behalf of the company acting as Secretary.
  • If notifying a change of Director/Secretary address, please notify by means of a specific change of address event, rather than a change of personal details, which is intended for changes other than address.
  • If a change of address or personal details is being notified for an officer who is both Director and Secretary, the change must be notified separately as both Director and Secretary.