Using CORE

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CORE, Companies Online Registration Environment, core.cro.ieLinks to external website, allows you, as a CRO customer, to view in a secure, private environment, up to date information on companies for which you file.

CORE will enable you to :-

  • Check the status of your companies in lists which can be sorted in various orders
  • Receive notification of filings for companies in your portfolio and of changes in the status of those documents
  • Watch your companies
  • File documents online
  • Obtain your CRO Account balance, transactions and statements

Registration with CORE is Free

You must first register yourself in CORE to be able to file online. You only need to register once, after that you can file forms for several companies using your own log in. To begin your registration to use CORE, click on the drop down box beside Presenter Type. An explaination of the different Presenter Types follows, please choose the one that represents you.

Link to CORE (Online Filing Site).            Link to Registering a Business Name Online            Link to Filing an Annual Return online


When a person registers with CORE they become a domain administrator. They can then register other members of their firm as users by clicking add in user administration. These users can be assigned some or all of the access levels, company watch, account watch or administrator.

An administrator can then assign companies in their portfolio to users within the domain. For example, a large presenter may have hundreds of companies added to their portfolio and may wish to assign these to the individuals within the firm who are responsible for those companies. Alternatively, an employee may leave the firm and their companies can then be assigned to different user

Filing Online is Cheaper than submitting a Paper Form

Filing a Business Name online is €20 compared to €40 for a paper copy of the form. Simply enter in the various details and print off the signature page and submit this to the CRO together with the filing fee. Form B1 must be filed online and an Annual Return has a filing fee of €20. Filing a B2 to change the registered office of a company is free online as is updating officer information for a company (B10 form). Link to Fees Page.

Problems with CORE

If you are experiencing problems using CORE, there are help buttons available on each page. There is a list of Frequently Asked Questions regarding e-filing you can look at. You can contact the Electronic Filing section at (01) 804 5355/5374 or email Electronic Filing. If you are having problems completing a form B1 itself rather than using CORE, please email the ​​​​Annual Return Helpdesk.