Using CRO Account System

Documents can be purchased, using the Company Search Facility on the CRO website, if you have an account with us as well as paying by credit card. The account must be kept in credit at all times or documents cannot be purchased. This account can also be used to lodge documents with the CRO.

As an account holder with this Office it is possible to request company printouts and images of documents returned by fax or e-mail. Company printouts are a synopsis of the company, including details of directors, registered office, documents received and mortgage charges registered against the company. An image of a document is a facsimile of a document received from the company. Document types include annual return and accounts, notification of change of company directors or change of registered office. Status of company

Prospective account holders should also make particular note of the methods of payment as the CRO is currently limited in the ways in which payment can be made. An account can also be topped up by credit card using the site.

To open an account, please complete pdf logo  ac1 fillable.pdf

The application form must be printed out, completed in full and returned to us by post with payment. Once your application form and payment is received in CRO you will be supplied with a customer account number and PIN number. Once you are in receipt of account number and PIN number you are entitled to avail of our CRO website services.

In order to request company printout and/or scanned images of documents your account must have sufficient credit at all times.

Payment Authorisation

If you have an account with the CRO, you can authorise the CRO to debit your account when submitting forms to the Office using the Payment Authorisation Form (PAF). When the application form (A/c1) has been approved, a book of Payment Authorisation Forms (PAF) is posted to the contact person but only where the relevant section of the form a/c1 has been completed.

A completed PAF must be lodged with each set of documents presented for filing in the CRO. Only those persons listed on the form a/c1 can sign a PAF. Where a customer wishes to add a new authorised signatory, he/she must complete and resubmit the form to the CRO in advance of submitting a PAF.

Statements available in CORE

All Customer Account details, including recent transactions and statements, are now available on-line in Accordingly, CRO no longer issues Customer Account statements by post. In order to view your Customer Account details on-line, if you have not already done so, you will need to register in CORE by clicking on

Once registered, you can view your transactions by clicking on My Accounts/ Add/ and by entering your customer number and PIN. You will only need to do this once and all of your details will be available each time you log in to CORE. The new facility offers Account holders a range of additional features such as the facility to view up-to-date transactions and the current balance, to open a statement either in Excel or in a printable format which replicates the old Statement, to access all statements since the account was opened, to deposit funds or open a new account on-line.

A new Customer Account can be opened on-line at

The Account can be topped up using a Credit Card and can be used to pay for filing fees and penalties when filing submissions electronically through CORE.