Account Holder

In addition to viewing and requesting company information, CRO customer account holders can view their balance and their previous 20 baskets and make deposits to their customer accounts using a credit/laser card.

Login as an Account Holder
In order to view your balance, previous baskets or deposit to an account you must login - link to CRO Accounts System - and enter your account ID and PIN.

Viewing your Balance
As soon as you login your balance will be displayed.

View Previous Baskets
Click on ‘last 20 baskets’. The baskets you have submitted since your last statement will be listed. You may review your baskets' contents and the current state of processing your enquiries. You may also re-submit basket items that you have not received but have been processed.

Change the email address

Click on 'Details' and a screen will be displayed which will allow you to change the default email address for your customer account.

Depositing to an account
Click on ‘Deposit’. You will then be asked to enter your PIN again, the amount you wish to deposit and your credit/laser card details. A receipt number will be returned which you should note as proof of the deposit.

Form to be completed in order to open an account - pdf logo ac1 fillable.pdf or you can open an account online - New Customer page

If you carry out detailed searches via the CRO website, you may wish to open an account with us. The account must be kept in credit at all times or searches can not be made. This account can also be used to lodge documents with the CRO.

To Open an Account

To open an account, complete AC1 form or you can open an account online - New Customer page

The application form must be printed out, completed in full and returned to us by post with payment. Once your application form and payment is received in CRO you will be supplied with a customer account number and PIN number. Once you are in receipt of account number and PIN number you are entitled to avail of our CRO website services.

In order to request company printout and/or scanned images of documents your account must have sufficient credit at all times.

Statements available in CORE

All Customer Account details, including recent transactions and statements, are now available on-line in Accordingly, the CRO no longer issues Customer Account statements by post. In order to view your Customer Account details on-line, if you have not already done so, you will need to register in CORE by clicking on

Once registered, you can view your transactions by clicking on My Accounts/ Add/ and by entering your customer number and PIN. You will only need to do this once and all of your details will be available each time you log in to CORE.The new facility offers Account holders a range of additional features such as the facility to view up-to-date transactions and the current balance, to open a statement either in Excel or in a printable format which replicates the old Statement, to access all statements since the account was opened, to deposit funds or open a new account on-line.

A new Customer Account can be opened on-line. The Account can be topped up using a Credit Card and can be used to pay for filing fees and penalties when filing submissions electronically through CORE. If you encounter any difficulties in using the Company Search Facility please contact the CROWebmaster.