Company Search

The public access to the CRO's 'LIVE' databases provided by this site is a means by which the public can search for and view data held by the CRO on companies registered in the State.
Customers can also request documents and reports to be returned to them by email.

Receipt for your Request

When your request has been successfully processed, a confirmation receipt will be returned. This confirmation includes a receipt number which can be used in any queries to the CRO about such requests.

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Requesting Document(s) and Company Reports

Clicking on the company number hyperlink for the company will display a list of submissions filed by that company. Select a submission or number of submission(s) and then click on the 'Request' then ‘purchase’ buttons, and the Payment Authorisation page will be displayed.

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Paying for Documents / Reports

Before the CRO will process requests for documents it is firstly necessary to choose the means by which these documents will be returned and secondly the method of payment. Payment can be made from a customer account by entering an account ID and PIN or by credit/laser card. A customer reference is taken also to allow the customer to track his/her requests. Entering all this information will ensure that requests are processed. To facilitate the implementation of PSD2, a European law came into force to make it more secure for consumers to make electronic payments online. As a result, CRO had to make changes to our payment page, by adding 6 new fields. We are aware that some Core users have been having difficulties with these new fields and are encountering errors when trying to pay online. Please ensure that you fill in details in all 6 fields (Address 1, Address 2, City, Postcode, Country and Phone Number) to avoid errors and proceed with payment. The inputting of some special characters into the fields will cause errors and prevent the credit card entry screen from loading, for instance the phone number field does not accept brackets “(“ “)”. Any non-alphabetic/non-numeric characters apart from quotes and hyphens for the addresses should be avoided.

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Defining a Search

When defining your search, it is important to remember that the CRO databases are large and are extremely busy. Defining your search well, will speed up the return of the results to your browser. Searches that return more than a 1000 records will not be returned due to limitations on resources.

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Initiating a Search

To search the CRO databases a user must enter either a name (complete or partial) or a known company number. The restriction on entering a name i.e. a text string is that this string must contain three or more characters.

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Retrieving Results Found

To retrieve results upon defining a search, simply click on the 'Submit Search' button. This will display the results found on another page. Searches which return more than fifty records will be displayed alphabetically in sets of fifty companies.

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Retrieving Company Data from the Results Found

To retrieve generic information on a particular company from the results found from the previous step, simply click on the hyperlink for the company (i.e. inside the table). This will display the documents submitted by the company to the CRO.

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Credit Card Security


CRO takes its security responsibilities seriously, employing the most appropriate physical and technical measures, including staff training and awareness, and these measures are reviewed regularly.


To ensure the security of your credit card information when you use same to discharge CRO fees on this site, we use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. You will see the padlock in your browser’s security display indicating that the transfer of all data between your browser and our site has been encrypted.


When you supply us with your laser/credit card information in the context of an online transaction for services supplied to you, this information is not retained on this site. Rather, it is securely transferred to Realex, a secure online payments provider. All CRO retains is your email address.


If you encounter any difficulties in using the Company Search Facility please contact Crowebmaster.

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