Opening a Customer Account

Form to be completed in order to open an account - pdf logo ac1 fillable.pdf. A customer account can also be opened using the online facility.

Using Company Search

If you carry out detailed searches via the CRO website, you may wish to open an account with us. The account must be kept in credit at all times or searches can not be made. This account can also be used to lodge documents with the CRO. Currently, the following information is made available on screen free of charge, and does not require an account to be accessed:

  • Company name, Company number, Company type, Address of registered office, Date of incorporation, Status of company, Date of last annual return filed

As an account holder with this Office it is possible to request company printouts and images of documents, by fax or e-mail. Company printouts are a synopsis of the company, including details of directors, registered office, documents received and mortgage charges registered against the company. An image of a document is a facsimile of a document received from the company. Document types include annual return and accounts, notification of change of company directors or change of registered office. Also, the following information is currently available on screen to all users free of charge:

  • Company name, Company number, Company Type, Address of registered office, Date of incorporation, Status of company, Date of last annual return filed, Submission number of each document, Document number in each submission, Type of submission, Status of submission, Received date of each submission, Registered date of submission, Availability of image (yes/no), Amount of pages contained in each scanned document

Please go to the Fees page for the list of fees for searches. Prospective account holders should also make particular note of the methods of payment as the CRO is currently limited in the ways in which payment can be made.

CRO Customer Accounts

CRO provides a service to customers whereby you can set up a Customer Account which you can lodge funds to and charge fees to each time you file a submission or order documents from the Company Search Facility.

Deposits to an account can be made on-line by credit/debit card or by CRO Credit Note. Accounts must be kept in credit at all times. The Account can then be used as follows:

  • When filing electronic documents with the CRO through software packages, the fees are automatically charged to a Customer Account.
  • When filing electronically through CORE, the presenter should tick the box and insert a PIN to authorise the deduction of the fee from their Account at the capture stage.
  • When filing manual/ paper documents, the fee can be paid by cheque, cash, bank draft or postal/money order or be charged to a Customer Account. (Please see section on use of Payment Authorisation forms if charging to a Customer Account).
  • When using the Company Search Facility it is possible to pay using a credit/debit card through the CRO website.

Opening an Account

There are two ways to open an Account.

  • 1. Accounts can be opened online go to CRO Accounts System and choose "not an Account holder? Sign up now". Complete the information and click Submit application.
  • 2. Accounts can be opened using an A/c1 form which can be printed and it is possible to fill out this form before it is printed. Send the completed form to the Customer Accounts Section, CRO, O’Brien Road, Carlow.

When the Account is set up, an email will be issued giving the Account number and a PIN number. These will be needed to make lodgements to the Account online, to make payments from the Account online and to link the Account to a CORE account ( for statements.

Please note there is a tick option "To pay for filing of Manual forms". If this option is ticked a book of Payment Authorisation Forms will be posted to the Account address. These forms should only be requested if documents are going to be submitted manually to the Companies Registration Office.

If the purpose of opening a CRO Customer Account is solely to use the Company Search Facility, then a Payment Authorisation Form is not required and a PAF book should not be ordered.

Lodging to an Account

Funds can be lodged to the Account using a Credit/ Debit Card online at CRO Accounts System Please note that the cards must be 3D enabled.

Please note the CRO cannot take payment by Credit Card by phone call.

Screen when first logged in to CORE - choose CORE Tools and then Choose Deposit Funds and a screen requesting the Account number and Pin will appear.

CORE tools

The CRO does not accept cheques as a method of payment to top up a Customer Account. (The use of cheques is being phased out, this began with the removal of this option when filing a B1 Annual Return). A Customer Account can be topped up by Credit Card or through an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) provided that you put your Customer Account number as a reference on the EFT and you notify us by email that such a transfer has occurred.

Statements and Recent Transactions on CORE

All Customer Account details, including recent transactions and statements, are accessible on CORE. If you have not already done so, you will need to register with CORE. When registered and logged in click on My Accounts, click on Add and by entering your Customer number and PIN, your account details will be linked to your CORE account. You will only need to do this once and all of your details will be available each time you log in to CORE and select My Accounts.

CORE can be used to file forms electronically with the CRO.

Changes to Account

Changes can be made to any Account details (e.g. address, contact) by sending an email to marked for the attention of the Customer Accounts section or by writing to the Customer Accounts Section, CRO, O’Brien Road, Carlow.

PAF Requirements

Customer Account holders are advised that a Payment Authorisation Form (PAF) is required in the following situations:

  • (a) paper filings where the fee is being charged to an Account, and
  • (b) electronic filings through CORE where the presenter did NOT tick the box and insert a PIN to pay by Account when capturing the document and subsequently decides to pay by Account.

A PAF is not required in the following cases:

  • (c) electronic filings through software packages (where the fees are automatically charged to an Account), and
  • (d) electronic filings through CORE where the presenter has ticked the box and inserted a PIN to authorise the deduction of the fee from their account at the capture stage.

Please note that an official CRO issued PAF form must be used in all cases where one is required. PAFs books are available on request by sending an e-mail to or a letter to CRO, O'Brien Road, Carlow. Customer Accounts balances can be viewed and topped up on-line by credit/debit card at