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A European Directive has provided for certain requirements for publication of information in Iris Oifigiúil to be replaced by requirements to be published in an online CRO Gazette.

The Gazette includes the following lists in pdf format: New companies; change of name; annual returns received and registered; liquidations; foreign companies; other registered documents; strike offs; restorations.

Archived strike off notices
Please note that prior to 15 October 2004 all strike off notices were published in the Archived Strikeoff Notices of this website.

2014-01-13 Issue 127

CRO survey on New Companies Bill - repeat

The Companies Registration Office wish to thank all the people who responded to our recent survey on the New Companies Bill. The response was excellent. We will take all your comments into consideration when compiling our communications strategy.

We wish to welcome all our new subscribers to the ezine that we have gained as a result of the survey.

Update: 5th February 2014: The survey has now been closed. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Companies Miscellaneous Provisions Act 2013

The Companies (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2013 was signed by the President on 24th December 2013.

This action had the effect of changing the citation of the Companies Acts to "1963 to 2013". This citation should henceforth appear on all copies of Memoranda and Articles of association filed with the CRO. In addition, the appropriate annotation in the auditors’ report and in financial statements signed should be the "Companies Acts, 1963 to 2013".

The necessary changes are currently being made to both the online and downloadable forms.

One of the legal provisions in this Act is to allow a facility to file your Annual Return and Financial Statements fully electronically. It is expected that this provision will be commenced in January 2014. We hope this initiative will be extremely beneficial to practitioners.

Just a simple one-page signature page which will include the overall certification for the financial statements will need to be submitted to the CRO.

How To File B1 and Financial Statements Fully Electronically:

  • File your B1 electronically within ARD + 28 days
  • Upload PDF financial statements within next 28 days
  • (only typed director names required on pdf)
  • Submit paper signature page including overall certification by post.

Please note that the Electronic Filing Agents cannot electronically sign the overall certification for Financial Statements.

Uploading PDF accounts is as simple to use as attaching a document to an email. The customer will have the choice of converting an existing electronic version of their accounts to pdf or scanning a hard copy version of the accounts and saving them as a pdf.

For more information go to

BI - Annual Returns and accounts - send back letters -reminders

Where an annual return is sent back by CRO for correction or for fees, Section 249A, Companies Act 1990, requires that the errors/omissions must be corrected and a fully compliant document delivered to the CRO within 14 days.

If a fully compliant document is not delivered to the CRO within 14 days, the original document will be deemed not to have been delivered to the Registrar. The re-submitted document will then be treated as a fresh submission, potentially resulting in the company incurring late filing penalties and losing any entitlement to claim audit exemption for two years.

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