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A European Directive has provided for certain requirements for publication of information in Iris Oifigiúil to be replaced by requirements to be published in an online CRO Gazette.

The Gazette includes the following lists in pdf format: New companies; change of name; annual returns received and registered; liquidations; foreign companies; other registered documents; strike offs; restorations.

Archived strike off notices
Please note that prior to 15 October 2004 all strike off notices were published in the Archived Strikeoff Notices of this website.

2014-02-07 Issue 128

Attention Electronic Filing Agents or Presenters who electronically sign CRO Forms via company secretarial software packages

Users of Secretarial Software Packages will be familiar with the use of PINs and IDs as the current electronic signing solution for CRO forms.

In March 2013, the CRO advised suppliers of the Company Secretarial Software Packages that it will be phasing out the use of PINs and IDs as a signing method. The CRO received legal advice that the system of PIN and ID signing was not a sufficiently authenticated level of digital signature to guarantee compliance with the requirements of the Electronic Commerce Act 2000.

The plan is to replace the PIN and ID system with ROS (Revenue Online Service) Certificates (issued by the Dept of Revenue) as the accepted electronic signing method. The CRO is already implementing this signing solution on The CRO will not be accepting PINs and IDs as electronic signatures after 30 June 2014.

The Secretarial Software Packages are currently working on integrating the technology to allow forms to be signed using ROS as an alternative to PINs and IDs, some software suppliers have applied this already. If you have any queries please contact your software vendor for an update on their plans to update their software.

New facility to file accounts with typed signatures

The Companies (Miscellaneous Provisions) Act 2013 , when commenced, will require all accounts filed with the CRO to contain TYPED signatures and will remove the requirement for handwritten signatures on such accounts. This facility will enable a company to file its annual return and accounts fully electronically.


Confirmation of the commencement date of the Act and instructions on how to file accounts with typed signatures will be provided in a later e-Zine and on the CRO website.

Taking Care of Business

A series of free ‘Taking Care of Business’ one-stop-shop events for SMEs will take place around the country in spring 2014; these half-day events are for those who currently own or manage a small business or are thinking of starting a new business.

A range of State offices and agencies will give short presentations and answer questions about assistance available to your business and key regulations.

Areas covered will include:

  • Supports from enterprise agencies and Local Authorities;
  • Access to Finance programmes;
  • Tax, employment and Health & Safety obligations;
  • Legal requirements for setting up and running your business.

The events will take place in:

  • Limerick on Tuesday March 11th in the Strand Hotel;
  • Galway on Tuesday March 25th in the Radisson Blu Hotel;
  • Cork on Tuesday April 1st in the Silver Springs Moran Hotel.

A Government Minister will open each event and a mix of local and national figures from business will chair the presentation sessions. Information stands will be open throughout, allowing you to speak informally with staff from each of the bodies attending. This ‘Taking Care of Business’ roadshow builds on a pilot event attended by over 500 people in October 2013 in Dublin Castle; feedback from attendees was overwhelmingly positive with organisation of regional events the most frequent suggestion for future events.

To find out more about these events and to register, please visit www.takingcareofbusiness.ieLinks to external website. Attendance is free but early booking is strongly advised as numbers are limited.

B1 - Annual Returns and Accounts - Send Back Letters - Reminder

Where an annual return is sent back by CRO for correction or for fees, Section 249A, Companies Act 1990, requires that the errors/omissions must be corrected and a fully compliant document delivered to the CRO within 14 days.

If a fully compliant document is not delivered to the CRO within 14 days, the original document will be deemed not to have been delivered to the Registrar. The re-submitted document will then be treated as a fresh submission, potentially resulting in the company incurring late filing penalties and losing any entitlement to claim audit exemption for two years.

Attention: customer account holders- use of payment authorization forms (PAFs)

Customer Account holders are advised that a PAF is required in the following situations:

(a) All paper filings where the fee is being charged to an Account, and

(b) electronic filings through CORE where the presenter did NOT tick the box and insert a PIN to pay by Account when capturing the document and subsequently decides to pay by Account.

A PAF is not required in the following cases:

(c) electronic filings through software packages (where the fees are automatically charged to an Account), and

(d) electronic filings through CORE where the presenter has ticked the box and inserted a PIN to authorise the deduction of the fee from their account at the capture stage.

Please note that an official CRO issued PAF form must be used in all cases where one is required.

PAFs books are available on request by sending an e-mail to or a letter to CRO, O'Brien Road, Carlow.

Customer Accounts balances can be viewed and topped up on-line by credit/debit card at

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