CRO Gazette 2012

A European Directive has provided for certain requirements for publication of information in Iris Oifigiúil to be replaced by requirements to be published in an online CRO Gazette.

The Gazette includes the following lists in pdf format: New companies; change of name; annual returns received and registered; liquidations; foreign companies; other registered documents; strike offs; restorations. For liquidations, receiverships and examinerships please see Iris Oifigiuil.

Archived Strike-off lists 2000-2004


Mandatory online filing will commence from 1st March 2022 for 18 CRO forms as listed below.  The sections involved are Solvency (14 forms), Mortgages (2 forms) and Enforcement (2 forms). 


G1: Special Resolution

G2: Ordinary Resolution

E2: Notice of Appointment of Liquidator(s)

E2A: Notice of Resignation of Liquidator

E2B: Notice of Removal of a Liquidator

E2C: Notice of Appointment of Liquidator(s) following Removal of previous Liquidator

E3: Liquidator’s Accounts of Acts & Dealings

E4: Liquidator’s Statement of Proceedings and Position of Winding Up

E5: Liquidator’s Final Statement of Accounts

E6: Return of final winding up meeting

E7 - Final Wind-up Meeting - Members & Creditors

E8: Notice of Appointment of Receiver

E9: Receiver’s Abstract

E11: Notice of cessation by receiver

Form C6 - Declaration of satisfaction of a charge

Form C7 - Partial Satisfaction of a Charge/Judgement Mortgage

Form H1: Restoration of a Company

Form H15: Application for Voluntary strike-off

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