CRO Gazette 2014

A European Directive has provided for certain requirements for publication of information in Iris Oifigiúil to be replaced by requirements to be published in an online Companies Registration Office Gazette ("CRO Gazette").

The Gazette includes the following lists in pdf format: New companies; change of name; annual returns received and registered; liquidations; foreign companies; other registered documents; strike offs; restorations. For liquidations, receiverships and examinerships please see Iris Oifigiúil.

Archived Strike-off lists 2000-2004

Companies Registration Office Gazette 2014

2021-02-10 CRO Gazette

CRO Gazette 10th February 2021

2021-02-03 CRO Gazette

CRO Gazette 3rd February 2021

Annual Return Extension

Due to the current Level 5 restrictions and the challenges of adjusting to a new IT system,  the Registrar will extend the current filing arrangements for companies with an annual return date of 30th of September or later until 28th May 2021.  


All companies with an extension to file due to delayed AGMs until 26 February, 2021 will have a further extension to file until 28 May, 2021.


During the extension period it will be possible for companies with an extension to file B1B73s.

2021-01-27 CRO Gazette

CRO Gazette 27th January 2021

New System Updates

Please see below for updates on our New System

CRO - New System Updates


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