2014 Ezine Newsletter

Email Newsletter
The CRO newsletter facility allows subscribers to receive regular news updates from the office by email. These emails are delivered in text format:

1. CRO E-Zine
This is an electronic bulletin published once a month. It informs all subscribers of the current developments within the Office and also notifies subscribers of future events.

2. Interim Messages
The email newsletter service is effectively split in two (though only one subscriber list is used). Every subscriber receives delivery of the CRO E-Zine once every month. In the interim subscribers may receive further updates if necessary from the Office (urgent or time sensitive messages).

2014-07-08 Issue 133

Cro newsletter issued 8th July 2014 regarding filing documents with CRO, checking status of Annual Return submissions

2014-06-03 Issue 132

CRO Newsletter 2014 regarding filing documents with CRO, fully electronic filing of accounts now available, B1- annual returns and accounts - send backs.

2014-05-08 Issue 131

2014-05-08 Issue 131

2014-04-07 Issue 130

2014-04-07 Issue 130


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