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CRO Newsletter 12th July 2019


A free one-stop-shop event for SMEs, start-ups and entrepreneurs, ‘Taking Care of Business’, will take place on Wednesday, 2nd October, in the Sheraton Hotel, Gleeson Street, Athlone. This half-day event is for those who own or manage a small business or are thinking of starting a new business.

To find out more about this unique event, and to register, please visit www.takingcareofbusiness.ie. Attendance is free but early booking is strongly advised as numbers are limited. October Taking Care of Business Event

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Restoration documents and objections to strike-off (H16/H17 forms) can be forwarded to the Bloom House Office for registration. Please forward signature pages (annual returns for dissolved companies) directly to: Enforcement Section, CRO, Bloom House, Gloucester Place Lower, Dublin 1  with regards to a restoration application. This will speed up the registration process. 

Form B1X can only be used for the revision of financial statements or the revision of the directors report. Form B1X cannot be used to amend an auditors report that was submitted on an earlier return. Form B1X has been revised to make this clearer for presenters. Chapter 16 Part 6 Companies Act 2014 does not provide for the amendment of an incorrect auditors report.

The 2018 Annual Report for the Companies Registration Office (CRO) is now available from the CRO Corporate Publications page.
The 2018 Annual Report for the Registry of Friendly Societies (RFS) is now available from the RFS Corporate Publications webpage.


The CRO are in the process of a digital transformation of all the registers under its remit.

Phase 1 with the Registry of Friendly Societies is complete. We are now moving to digitalising the Limited Partnerships Register. While the applications will remain paper based for the time being, it will be possible or order copies of documents online. Unfortunately, for a short period until the other registers are complete it will not be possible to pay for Limited Partnership applications (LP1, LP2, LP3, LP4, P1) using CRO customer account.

These documents should be paid for by cheque. We apologise for any inconvenience caused and will update customers as soon as possible regarding other payment methods. 


Government Departments, enterprise agencies and regulatory bodies have a range of supports covering advice, finance and upskilling to help your business navigate its way through Brexit. With just weeks to go to the UK withdrawal from the European Union, understanding the potential implications is a key first step in developing your Brexit contingency plan. https://dbei.gov.ie/en/What-We-Do/EU-Internal-Market/Brexit/Getting-Brexit-Ready/ 


The opening of the Central Register of Beneficial Ownership of Companies and Industrial and Provident Societies has been postponed temporarily.

Further updates will be provided by means of the CRO Newsletter, RBO website (www.rbo.gov.ie), e-mails to stakeholders and through the RBO Twitter account (www.twitter.com/RBO_ie). 

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