Filing a Business Name Online


Step 1 - System requirements

To file online you will need the following:

  • A working email account.
  • Adobe Reader 9, or later versions, on your computer (Free from
  • A printer to print the signature page.
  • If you have anti-virus software on your computer, enable PopUps in order to view the signature page.

Step 2 - Registration

To file online you first need to register with CORE. This is a simple process. Log onto

CORE homepage

On the right hand side of the web page, click on CORE REGISTRATION FORM. If you have already registered for online filing, you can use your existing username and password.

Registering with CORE

Step 3 - Completing the form

Click on "File a Form"

. Select File a form

Select "Register a Business Name and then select - Individual" from the workspace.

Select a Business Name Type

Follow the instructions, making sure you read all pop-up messages carefully.  The "Help" buttons will open up a page of instructions. For a partnership choose Register a Business Name - Partnership, for a business name owned by a company choose Register a Business Name - Body Corporate.

Step 4 - Enter the business name details

Give the business name you intend to trade under. When entering the email address, please note that this is the address the digital certificate of registration will issue to.

Completing Business Name Application

Click Find to search for the NACE classification for your business.

Nace code selection

The place of business address must be in the Republic of Ireland. Enter at least the first 2 lines of the address and click Validate address. The address will be validated against an Post's geo-directory.

Selecting an address


Step 5 - Enter the details of the person who owns the business name.

Enter the individual details of the business name owner. If you are a non EU national, you will need to enter your Garda National Immigration Bureau number. When ready, click next.

Details of the Individual

Step 6 - Presenter Details

The details of the Presenter will be pre-filled with the details that were entered on registration with CORE. Click Next.

Presenter Details

You will be presented with a Total View of the details you have entered for review. From this screen click on Check Form to ensure all the necessary information has been entered. If any required information has been omitted, you are now prompted to enter the missing text.

Validate Form page


Step 7 - Print & sign signature page

Once the Submit button is clicked, a signature page will be generated, which you will have to print and sign. The signature page should be sent to the CRO for registration along with any other necessary documentation. Signature pages cannot be uploaded. The CRO requires the original "wet" signatures. A filing fee of €20 is required (this is cheaper than completing a paper application, which costs €40 to file as it involves a longer registration process). The business name cannot be registered until the CRO receives the signed signature page.

Payment Method

Alternatively, it is also possible to pay for the business name online using CORE. Please remember that when the application is made online, the signature page (and fee if necessary) still needs to be submitted to the CRO for registration. Increasingly, payments are being made by credit card but customers are not submitting the relevant signature page. The certificate cannot be created without the submission of this document.


Your Workspace

The registration page and the document are available in your workspace for future reference. A copy of the signature page can be printed from here if you had any difficulty through the earlier process.

If the document is returned to you for any reason, you will be able to edit it in your workspace by clicking on the edit & resubmit icon. You will need to generate a new signature page if you make changes to the form. The document is only deemed legally received in the CRO when the signature page and fee are received.

Workspace Page on CORE website


Contact CORE website

If you are experiencing problems using CORE, there are help buttons available on each page. You can contact the Electronic Filing section at (01) 804 5355/5374 or email Please see also Using CORE page. There is also a list of FAQ regarding CORE available.