Duplicate Certificate

Duplicate Certificate for Public Sector Use Only

You can obtain a Duplicate Certificate for public sector use only - free of charge, simply by entering an email address and the company/business name number.

You can order a free certificate here for the purposes of renewing your liquor licence. Also, Property Services Regulatory Authority applications are required to provide "a certified certificate of incorporation of the company " and, where applicable,"a certificate of business name registration". We have confirmed with the Authority that duplicate certificates that can be ordered free of charge from our site are acceptable for these purposes.

Link to Duplicate Certificate Facility

The duplicate certificate is emailed in PDF format. Acrobat Reader is required to view PDF documents and can be downloaded for free from the Adobe websiteLinks to external website. Please note that you can order a duplicate certificate for both a Company or a Business Name.

When ordering a duplicate certificate online, please ensure that the 'business type' corresponds to the certificate you require. You can check your number using the Company Search Facility.

Duplicate Certificate with Original Signature

There are three ways to obtain a Duplicate Certificate (with original signature) and the fee for such a Duplicate Certificate is €12.

1. Call in to the public office at 14 Parnell Square, Dublin 1, where you can obtain a short certificate (no previous names on the certificate). Occasionally it is not possible to generate a long certificate (showing all previous names) at the time of the request. In these cases the certificate will be available in two to three working days and may then be collected or posted to the customer.

2. Write in to Postal Enquiries, Companies Registration Office, Parnell House, 14 Parnell Square, Dublin 1, stating the company/business name and number (if available). Where applicable, please indicate if you want the duplicate cert to show any previous company names.

3. If you hold an account with the Companies Registration Office, you can e-mail your request to postalenquiries. Please state your account number, authorisation for deduction from your account and whether or not the cert is to be posted to you or will be collected.

It is possible to Open a Customer Account online.