Mandatory E-filing of Charges

Mandatory E-filing with ROS signatures

Since 1st June 2015, CRO have made the following mortgage forms available for online submission with a ROS signature. C1, C1A, C1B, F8, F8A and F8B. CRO introduced mandatory e-filing for these forms, incorporating electronic (ROS) signatures, in accordance with Section 897 of the Companies Act 2014. This establishes certainty on the date and time for the purposes of priority, and visibility of charge submissions on the Register. When charge submissions are e-filed and electronically signed, the date and time for the purposes of priority is automatically established.

The ROS CERT or SUB-Cert must be in the name of the person signing the form, the company name is not sufficient for filing purposes.

Two separate individuals are required to sign, one on behalf of the company and another on behalf of the charge holder. In this regard please ensure that they are both carefully entered in the Form(s) as signatories. Please note that the full name must be stated and not a shortened version (eg first name, initial, surname).

It is of particular importance that such individuals can be clearly identified when using ROS signatures, hence the requirement for their ROS Certs or Sub-Certs to be in their own name and for this to match the name inputted as signatory on the form.

When the same name is inputted on the Form/s for both signatures an error will occur. Also where the name on the ROS cert does not generally match the name on the Form an error will occur. Both these errors will prevent the Form from being successfully submitted.

Please see video below  for help on efiling a C1 eForm

Link to Revenue website for ROS signatures