Secretarial software packages

A number of Secretarial Software providers have worked with the CRO to incorporate the forms that are available to file electronically into their packages e.g. the B1 Annual Return.

Below is a list of the providers that have electronic forms incorporated into their software:

Any software company interested in incorporating our forms into their package should download th example specification below for the B1 Annual Return and contact the Electronic Filing Section.

B1 Specification: pdf logo  b1 specification (0.04 MB, Adobe PDF)

pdf logo CERTIFICATE for EFAs filing Financial Statements.pdf


A person or firm that wishes to file returns on behalf of clients will register as such with the CRO. Presenters will use a high level of security in sending in returns such that the CRO will be able to prove the identity of the sender for any return.

Electronic Signatures

A director or secretary who wishes to sign returns electronically through a software package can sign using a ROS certificate. (Revenue Online Service Certificate).

It is a matter for company officers to ensure that their ROS certificate is not improperly used.

Documents That:

  • are furnished by a presenter who has been duly authorised by a company officer and
  • are signed with the officer's ROS certificate

have been signed by that officer in accordance with the Companies Acts and the Electronic Commerce Act 2000.

What do I need to use this service?
In order to avail of this service, presenters will need the following:

  • an Account with the CRO which must be in credit; See Opening an Account
  • a company secretarial software package which supports this functionality;
  • access to the internet;
  • to be registered as a presenter using a Form J1A;
  • each director or secretary who will sign returns will need to obtain a ROS certificate from the Revenue Commissioners.

How does it work?

  • The presenter prepares an annual return as usual using a company secretarial software package which supports e-filing to the CRO.
  • The return will be signed using the director/secretary ROS certificate supplied, using a mechanism provided by the supplier of the secretarial software.
  • Instead of printing the annual return form, you now select a send option. This will send the return electronically signed to the CRO. Your own software will supply a cover sheet for sending in with any attachments e.g. Accounts.
  • You will be able to check the status of your returns using your secretarial software. Any returned documents will also be notified through your secretarial software, how this is done depends on the secretarial software package used. All attachments must be received within 28 days of receipt of the electronic message. Where attachments are required and not received within the 28 days the document will be deleted and deemed not received.

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How is the service paid for?
A debit will be made to the presenters CRO account when the submission is registered, i.e. when the document has been checked and accepted by the CRO.

When is a return deemed received in the CRO?
A return will be deemed received when the attachment cover page with any required attachments are received in the CRO. This must be within 28 days of the receipt of the electronic message in the CRO.

What if late filing fees apply?
The late filing fee if any will be calculated and fixed as at the time the electronic message is received in the CRO. The amount of any late filing fee will be notified through your own secretarial software package. No late filing fee will be debited until the financial statements are received.

Do I have to use a secretarial software package?
No, it is possible to file forms electronically through

Will the specification for the file structure change?
The specifications for each form are developed in a bespoke XML standard called CRXML. They are subject to change but notice will be given.

Can a company be its own presenter?

What if I have any other questions?
You can email us at Electronic Filing Section.

Terms and Conditions
This page details the terms and conditions applicable to filing documents wholly in electronic form with the CRO.

Forms required for registration

  • J1 a - Application to act as an electronic filing Agent.

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