Terms and Conditions Applicable to Filing Documents Wholly In Electronic Form With the CRO

CRO Notice: ECA 2 Date of Issue: 2 April 2014


A. For the purposes of the filing of CRO forms/returns wholly electronically, pursuant to the Companies Act 2014 and to the Electronic Commerce Act 2000 (ECA), the Companies Registration Office (CRO) will accept documents in electronic form, signed, verified and filed in the manner set out herein.

B. These terms and conditions apply to all CRO forms to which this system of filing may be available in the future by the Registrar of Companies.

C. These Terms and Conditions are issued by the Companies Registration Office as a public body, pursuant to Sections 12 and 13 of the ECA, and should be read in conjunction with that Act and any other notices issued by the CRO pursuant to that Act. Filing Agents

D. Agents will be securely identified to the CRO system in a manner which will permit proof of the sender's identity for any document in electronic form which is delivered to the CRO. Agents will be assigned a number by CRO.

E. The number assigned will constitute a system of classification pursuant to Section 895 of the Companies Act 2014.

F. Applications by agents for such a number should be made on Form J1A. Identification of Signatories

G. A company officer, i.e. director or secretary, who proposes to electronically sign documents in electronic form should use a ROS (Revenue Online Services) certificate obtained from the Revenue Commissioners (www.revenue.ieLinks to external website).

H. The CRO ID may be used by a company officer in correspondence with CRO for reference purposes. It will be required to be included in documents in electronic form sent by or on behalf of the officer to the CRO.

I. The CRO ID will constitute a system of classification pursuant to section 895 of the Companies Act 2014.

J. The authorisation of the agent applies to any document in electronic form which is filed by the agent using the identity set. It is a matter exclusively for the officer and the agent to manage the proper use of the identity set and to keep proper records of transactions and such written verifications as they require.

K. Where a CRO form, which is being electronically filed with CRO, contains the identity set of two or more officers, it is necessary for each officer whose identity set appears in the document to have authorised the filing agent who is filing the document in electronic form.

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