Submitting a resolution in CORE

In order to complete a resolution online from your Workspace in CORE select File a Form.


From the menu select G1/G2 > Notice of Resolution (including change of name).

Enter in the company number you are updating and you will be brought to the resolution form webpage. Enter in the effective date of the resolution.


On the next page you can choose which type of resolution is to be filed. You can choose from several categories. Some are specific to an area of legislation. If you are applying for Voluntary Strike-Off or a Change of Name you should select the relevant category. If the resolution is just a general resolution, select Other. You can then choose between special and ordinary resolution.


You can then complete the information that has to be entered on a resolution form including the means by which the resolution was passed and pursuant to which section of the Act. The resolution text can be entered as free text.


Then move to the verification page and indicate the manner in which the form is to be signed. If being signed by an officer (without using ROS signatures) simply print off the resultant signature page - sign the printed page and submit it to the CRO at its Public Office or through the post. There is no filing fee for an electronically filed resolution form