Foreign Company


A branch is required to notify particulars of the closure of the branch and/or winding up of the company, the appointment of a liquidator, termination of liquidation, insolvency proceedings, arrangements, compositions or any analogous proceedings to which the company is subject. Form F14 must be delivered to the CRO within 14 days of any of the foregoing occurring.

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New Companies Act
Please Note: From 1st June 2015, the Companies Acts 1963 to 2013 will be repealed completely and replaced by the Companies Act 2014. This new Act will introduce some different procedures and company models. All of the CRO forms will also be replaced. From June only the new versions of the forms will be accepted. See
New Act section of the website. From June 1st 2015, the register of Place of Businesses recorded by external companies will be deleted. Under the new Companies Act 2014, there can only be registration of branches.

Place of Business

Where a company registered under Part XI of the Companies Act 1963, ceases to have a place of business in the State, a notice of cessation should be filed. As there is no prescribed form, the notice should be on company headed notepaper and signed by the authorised person.

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