Termination and Restoration

This section explains how each business type can be terminated and how a company can be restored to the register of companies.

A company can be dissolved either through Liquidation or through Strike-off. In this section, there is information on forms needed to complete  LiquidationsReceiverships and Examinerships.  A company can be restored to the register following strike-off.  An external company can be ceased on the register and a limited partnership and business name also. Information is also available on the termination of an Industrial and Provident SocietyFriendly Society and Trade Union.

New Companies Act
Please Note: From 1st June 2015, the Companies Acts 1963 to 2013 will be repealed completely and replaced by the Companies Act 2014. This new Act will introduce some different procedures and company models. All of the CRO forms will also be replaced. From June only the new versions of the forms will be accepted. See
New Act section of the website.